Elizabeth A. Leedom has been invited to serve on The University of Washington, Department of Medicine’s Oversight Committee for the Collaborative Accountability & Improvement

March 8, 2019 – We are pleased to announce that Dr. Virginia Broudy, Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Medicine, University of Washington, has invited Elizabeth Leedom to serve on UW Medicine’s Oversight Committee for the Collaborative for Accountability and Improvement.  The Collaborative, led by Dr. Thomas H. Gallagher, is recognized as a formal program of UW Medicine.  Its mission is to accelerate the spread of Communication and Resolution Programs (CRPs) to healthcare institutions everywhere.  The Collaborative brings together CRP innovators and respected leaders in healthcare, law and patient advocacy to support effective implementation and ongoing improvement of CRPs through training, shared learning and advocacy.  Committee Members were invited to join because of their familiarity with the Collaborative and the CRP concept and because of their key leadership roles within UW Medicine.  Elizabeth was invited due to her deep content knowledge of CRPs, her long history of defending UW Medicine in professional liability claims, reputation in the legal community, and her external perspective.