Virtual Hearing Notice

Department of Health

Proposed Rule Regarding Coordinated Quality Improvement Programs



On October 20, 2020, the Washington State Department of Health (“DOH”) submitted a proposed rule (WSR 20-21-099) that, if adopted, will impact healthcare institutions and medical facilities that maintain coordinated quality improvement programs.  For background, per RCW 43.70.510, healthcare institutions and medical facilities licensed by the DOH or other professional societies and organizations may maintain coordinated quality improvement programs, colloquially known as CQIPs. According to the DOH, the purpose of coordinated quality improvement programs for such health care entities is to “improve the quality of healthcare services by identifying and preventing healthcare malpractice.”

The proposed rule includes revisions and clarification of definitions, but most importantly, it  includes a new requirement for mandatory renewal of CQIP programs currently approved by the department, a new requirement for renewal of CQIP programs every five years thereafter, and a new fee for processing renewed CQIP programs.  Specifically, all health care entities with currently approved programs must apply for renewal of their programs by December 31, 2021.  Failure to apply for renewal by that date will mean the approval is expired and no longer valid.  Furthermore, to maintain department approval, a health care entity modifying the scope, components, or operation of an approved program, is required to submit to the department an application with a detailed description of the modification and how it affects the program.

The virtual public hearing date is set for December 3, 2020.  The date of intended adoption is set for December 14, 2020, though the effective date has yet to be determined. For more information, please see the proposed rule at: